Be part of every

child's dream

Our state-of-the-art facility will offer a safe and engaging play environment for children, focusing on promoting physical, social, and emotional


We’re committed to utilizing sustainable practices that minimize our environmental impact while reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

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Why should you choose Play Tyme

Why should you

choose Play Tyme

Our mission is to inspire children to be active, creative, and caring members of
their communities while also becoming a profitable investment opportunity. 

Join us in our mission to
make playtime meaningful, memorable, and sustainable for all children.

Attainable Sustainable Cost

Get your business started for less

Recognizable Brand Appeal

We have patnerships with major kids brands

Data Driven

You can access dashboard and monitor the performance of your business

Worldwide Growth

We have opportunities in markets accross the globe

Supportative Consulting & Training

We'll help you with every aspect of your business

Proprietary Activity Rooms

We're always developing new activities to keep things fresh

The Answer to

All Your Questions

Along with personalizes attention and support, our approach creates a fun and engaging environment that child. Feel free to contact us and learn more.

School Readiness Program

Parent-teacher Communication

Age Appropriate Facilities

Nutrition in Care

Government Child Care Subsidy

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