At Play Tyme, we create a safe, fun, and engaging environment where children between 6 months – 9 years can play, learn, and grow. We believe that play is essential to a child’s physical, mental, and emotional development, and we strive to provide an atmosphere that fosters creativity, exploration, independence, and social interaction.

We are a trusted and valued partner in your child’s growth and development, inspiring a love of exploring life with play.

Top reasons why we are the best kids’ place in Oregon!

  • We are a clean & secure space for kids to explore and learn with play.
  • Our touch & learn sensory play areas are designed to let little ones explore the world around them through textures, sounds, and colors.
  • Our “imagination station” spaces are a magical world where anything is possible, where we can become anyone and do anything.
  • Our “kid’s climb” is guaranteed to keep your little ones engaged and interested. 
  • Our “I-spy wall” is where kids improve their observation skills and think creatively as they come up with clues to describe the object they have selected.
  • Kids can enjoy our “bookworm” corner and explore books in a cozy spot. Whether they love to look at the pictures and imagine the stories or read with immersion, we have books for all ages!
  • Our “ninja zone” challenges kids to complete an obstacle course that involves jumping, climbing, and crawling.
  • Kids can participate in our “build-a-thon” where they can play with legos and blocks to build cities, build characters and play among friends.
  • We offer classes for kids to learn with play. Our instructor-led art, music, & dance classes explore their creativity and develop their artistic skills.
  • Our cafe offers snacks and drinks that kids love. We also got the grown-ups covered with coffee, snacks, & last but not least, Free wifi
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